XS5324 by QSAN

The XS5324 by QSAN provides performance, capacity for Mixed Workloads

The XCubeSAN 5324 (3.5″ 4U 24-bay) is a capacity-demanding hybrid flash storage. Its multi-bay design minimizes enterprise footprint and power consumption while maximizing storage space.



Intel® Xeon® 4-Core Processor



32 GB DDR4 ECC DIMM (up to 512 GB)


High Availability

Fully Redundant Modular Design


Active-Active Architecture

Dual-Active Design


XEVO Data Management System

XEVO, a flash-based storage management system, minimizes the learning curve and eases maintenance through an intuitive GUI. Data can be accessed in 5 minutes after initialization. XEVOs core technology provides the excellence, flexibility, and intelligence needed to simplify all content for a hybrid storage system.

Why choose QSAN XCubeSAN Arrays?

Outstanding Performance

Excellent performance with 20 GB/s and 1.8M IOPS, outstanding scale-up capability up to 11 PB.


Dependable Data Experience

99.999% high availability design with no single point of failure, cache-to-flash to protect cache data in a power outage.


Versatile Connectivity

Each controller with built-in 4-port 10 GbE (SFP+) and a maximum of 12 host ports allows direct connection to multiple hosts without switches.


Modern Simplicity

Simplify storage management with the intuitive and powerful XEVO storage manager interface.


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