XS5312 by QSAN

The XCubeDAS systems offer fully redundant components for all significant functions, including dual controllers, power supplies, fan modules, host ports, and expansion ports.

Besides hot-swappable components, the XD5300 also balances I/O loading through multiple paths and dual controllers to achieve active-active architecture and high availability.

Product Features 

Active-Active Architecture

Dual-Active Design

High Availability

Fully Redundant Modular Design

Ultra Performance

12Gb SAS 3.0 Controller

Central Management

CubeView Software


Redundant & Hot-pluggable Components

The XCubeDAS features a fully modularized, cable-less architecture. In addition to Dual-Active controllers, all critical components inside the unit such as power supply modules, fan modules, and hot-pluggable provide fault tolerance capabilities.

Ultra Performance

High Performance & High Throughput

The XCubeDAS solutions set a new storage standard for direct-attached storage.

The series provides a smart and elastic runtime configuration of the 10 x 12Gb/s SAS wide ports support and allows IT managers to fully utilize the 480Gb/s data bandwidth per system for various applications.

The XD5300 series is fully tested with various configurations and can deliver up to 24,000MB/s sequential read and 20,000MB/s sequential write in throughput and over end-to-end 4.2 million sequential IOPS.

It is ideal for video editing, high-performance computing, cloud storage, streaming, broadcasting, virtualization, and data centers.

Central Management – QSAN CubeView Software

The CubeView CMS (Central Management Software) can monitor and manage system logs, disk drive status, enclosure, zoning function, firmware update, and history record of system temperature, voltage, and fan speed.

The systems also support command line and S.E.S. that allows IT managers complete control of the storage systems and agile configuration of powerful management.