XN8026D by QNAP

                                                                                                                         Technical Details 


Intel ® Xeon ® Quad-Core Processor


16GB DDR4 ECC DIMM (Max 128GB)

Performance Density

2U-26 Bay Design

Active-Active Architecture

Dual-Active Design


Easy File Access with Quick Connection

  • No need to install any applications, you can easily find your XCubeNXT.


  • XFinder is a desktop utility that searches for QSAN XCubeNXT devices in the local area network.

                                                                                                                SMEs Budget Midrange Value

  • Ultra-high scalability. Make cost-effective planning in the initial stage of expansion. No need to stop any services.


  • Optimize the combination of performance and cost consideration.


  • More than 10 years experience in the Mid-range storage business. Continue to provide reliable storage solutions and services to our clients.​


  • Provide many tools to accelerate the application’s executive efficiency.

  • Finish the entire installation process within five minutes. Easily monitor the entire QSAN product with one system – XInsight.


  • Secured, centralized repository and storage efficiency for business information.
– 50% Cost Saving: Saving more than 50% TCO with better performance
– 93% of Time Saved: Deploy, manage and expand storage more efficiently
– 99% High Availability: HA ensures near-zero downtime to prevent any data loss

                                                                                                                       Set All You Need In One

” High-availability and high-expansion all-flash solution for the integrated platform ”

QSAN XN8026D provides proven 99.9999% availability, high-speed performance, uninterrupted generational upgrade, and maintenance. Effectively assists the enterprise storage environment, and completely improves operational efficiency, preventing you from service interruption and data transmission loss.

Applicable Environment

The best flash unified storage system, the XN8026D series provides businesses with unprecedented high performance and storage capacity. Below are the features of said environment

Data Sharing

  • High-speed data sharing to enhance company business operations

Cloud Service

  • Eliminate the gap between clouds, integrate resources into a unified infrastructure of multiple clouds, and accelerate operations between public and private clouds

High-Speed Backup

  • Supports Fibre Channel and 10/25GbE network card, making you still work efficiently in the data growth era.

Video Editing

  • High-speed 4K/8K video editing, so you don’t get stuck in your work

HD Surveillance

  • HD monitor application, storing clear and important information in time