Easy File Access with Quick Connection

  • No need to install any applications, you can easily find your XCubeNXT.


  • XFinder is a desktop utility that searches for QSAN XCubeNXT devices in the local area network.

SMEs Budget Midrange Value

  • Scalable: Ultra-high scalability. Make cost-effective planning in the initial stage of expansion. No need to stop any services.
  • Integrated: Optimize the combination of performance and cost consideration.
  • Mature: More than 10 years experience in the Mid-range storage business. Continue to provide reliable storage solutions and services to our clients.
  • Performance: Provide many tools to accelerate the application’s executive efficiency.
  • Laborless: Finish the entire installation process within five minutes. Easily monitor the entire QSAN product with one system – XInsight.
  • Enterprise-Grade: Secured, centralized repository and storage efficiency for business information.