An All-in-one Entry Level Storage Solution

Main Features


  • Intel 64-bit Dual Core


  • 4GB DDR3 (MAX 8GB)

Ready for High Speed Internet

  • Support 10 GbE RJ45 or SFP+

Maximum Capacity

  • Up to 64 GB

Why Do You Need XN3004R

Entry Level Enterprise Storage for Everyone

  • The XN3004R provides enterprise-class features such as unified storage systems and data compression at an affordable price. Support cloud synchronization and multi-point data backup. Double protection of software and hardware effectively prevents the risk of data theft and tampering.

NVR Storage Solution

  • The NVR software can view, play back, manage, and store multiple network cameras simultaneously through the iSCSI connection of the XN3004R. And with online compression, optimize storage space usage, greatly improve the monitoring image retention period, and provide an affordable and reliable storage solution.

Light Private Cloud Storage

  • QSM’s built-in web-based file manager and remote backup greatly improve the efficiency of data and backup management. In addition, the XN3004R provides advanced storage technology and security solutions to enhance data security and more efficient use of storage space within a limited budget.

Easy Deployment, Easy to Operate

  • The QSM operating system interface is simple and easy to operate, making settings such as file sharing and permissions easy. Through archival services and cloud synchronization, you can connect members of the company department to provide enterprise-level file sharing and backup at the entry price.

Enterprise Storage Technology

  • QSM provides enterprise-class storage capabilities, such as Unified Storage and Compression, enabling users to deploy elastically and increase storage space efficiency.


  • XMirror supports NAS multi-point backup and permission backup. It can synchronize folder or logical volume content between multiple XCubeNAS devices. When an accident occurs, it can use the backup on other devices to achieve disaster recovery, and can easily design multi-layer backup. Provide the best protection.

Cloud Synchronization

  • Use XN3004R to perform file fast reading and writing on the local end, and transmit it to the cloud through cloud synchronization function, make full use of edge calculation, speed up data processing and transmission speed, and reduce delay to achieve maximum efficiency.

Software and Hardware Double Protection

  • Files written under single-write multiple read (WORM) protection can only be read for a defined period of time, protecting data from ransomware attacks. And the hard disk self-encryption (SED) function, even if the disk itself is stolen, still have to use a dedicated authentication key to access, without worrying about the risk of data leakage.

Recommended Application Areas: Digital Monitoring, Data Sharing and Backup Management

  • Small Shopping Malls
  • Small and Medium-Sized Schools
  • Corporate Departments
  • Studios

Easy File Access with Quick Connection

Web Finder

  • No need to install any applications, you can easily find your XCubeNAS.


  • XFinder is a desktop utility that searches for QSAN XCubeNAS devices in the local area network.