Intel® Xeon® 64-bit 6-Core Processor


16GB DDR4 RDIMM (Max 384GB)

Ultra Performance

450K Random Write IOPs @ 500μs Lantency
220K Random Write IOPs @ 300μs Latency

Active-Active Architecture

Dual-Active Design

Easy File Access with Quick Connection


  • XFinder is a desktop utility that searches for QSAN XCubeFAS devices in the local area network.

Liquid Crystal Monitor

  • Portable USB LCM (LCD Module) can help you identify management port IP address.

The Best Entry Level All Flash Array Data Storage

NVMe Flash Storage

  • 100% Native NVMe3U26 high density flash storage   

Ultra-high Performance

  • Flexiblehigh-speed25GbE/32Gb iSCSI/FibreChannel(FC) I/O host card
  • Excellent IOPs with ultra-low latency 450Krandom write IOPs @ 500μs latency 220K random writeIOPs @ 300μs latency.

Modern Simplicity

Simplify the steps of upgrading and replacing system components with modular hardware design


Distinct SSD Monitoring, 100% Accuracy of SSD Utilization Ratio

Enterprise-grade Reliability

  • 99.9999% high availability design with nosingle point of failure
  • Never lose any data at cache-to-flash memory protection solution


Save over 50% TCO than industry -leading flash storage

SFF 3U26 Design

100% NVMe Flash Storage

  • QSAN XF3126D, a 3U 26 bays all-NVMe flash storage, achieves the performance requirements of the enterprise high performance computing infrastructures with high IOPs at μs- level latency.
  • It’s designed for enterprise users, providing excellent storage performance, enterprise-grade reliability, and a flexible and easy-to-use management system.

Excellent Performance

  • Supports 25GbE iSCSI and 32Gb FC connectivity and up to 20 ports connection to meet various network deployment needs.
  • Excellent IOPs with ultra-low latency, for 4K random write, XF3126D achieves 220K IOPS at 300μs latency level and 450K IOPS at 500μs latency level.