XF3126 by QSAN

XF3126 by QSAN is a dynamic storage solution that was designed to provide users with easy file access with a quick connection.

To help make this possible, this storage solution is equipped with the following features:

X Finder

This is a desktop utility tool that searches for QSAN XCubeFAS devices in the local area network.

Liquid Crystal Monitor

The XF316 comes with a Portable USB LCM (LCD Module) that can help you identify the management port IP addresses.

This is one of the best Entry-Level All-Flash Array Data Storage solutions on the market

Here are some additional features that the XF3126 provides:

NVMe Flash Storage

100% Native NVMe3U26 high-density flash storage

Ultra-high Performance

Flexible high-speed25GbE/32Gb iSCSI/FibreChannel(FC) I/O host card
Excellent IOPs with ultra-low latency 450Krandom write IOPs @ 500μs latency 220K random writeIOPs @ 300μs latency

Modern Simplicity

Simplify the steps of upgrading and replacing system components with modular hardware design


Distinct SSD Monitoring, 100% Accuracy of SSD Utilization Ratio

Enterprise-grade Reliability

99.9999% high availability design with no single point of failure
Never lose any data at cache-to-flash memory protection solution


Save over 50% TCO than industry-leading flash storage

Born For Agility

The XF3126D provides high performance with μs-level latency, and flexible, and high-speed environment configuration to meet the most demanding enterprise application requirements.

Applicable Environments

Here are some of the enterprise scenarios where this storage solution can be deployed:

Integrated Virtualization

Pass VMware6.7, Hyper-V, and Citrix certification allows you to set up a remote virtual operating platform for integrated management.

Artificial Intelligence

Effective data infrastructure construction allows you to focus on more in-depth machine learning


High-performance computing solutions help you improve your computing ability for high-speed processing of data or execution of instructions

Financial Services

With a near-zero fault tolerance rate, we provide you with flexible usage with no downtime.

100% NVMe Flash Storage

The XF3126D is equipped with a 3U 26 bays all-NVMe flash storage and achieves the performance requirements of enterprise high-performance computing infrastructures with high IOPs at μs- level latency.

It’s designed for enterprise users, providing excellent storage performance, enterprise-grade reliability, and a flexible and easy-to-use management system.

Excellent Performance

Supports 25GbE iSCSI and 32Gb FC connectivity and up to 20 ports connection to meet various network deployment needs.

Excellent IOPs with ultra-low latency, for 4K random writes, XF3126D achieves 220K IOPS at 300μs latency level and 450K IOPS at 500μs latency level.


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