XEVO management


Flash-Based Management System

XEVO’s core technology provides excellent, flexible, and intelligent needs to simplify all content for the flash-based storage system.

Native SSD Monitoring

Try to imagine that you will never forget to replace your SSDs before they fail again. QSLife, QSAN’s native SSD technology, offers users a specified technology to analyze the SSD activity and uses a unique algorithm to help you keep an eye on health and the other information of your SSD drives. Thus, it will alert you at any awareness point after setting up the threshold.

Consolidate Your Usage

You can monitor your storage with notebooks, tablets, or mobile devices by using XEVO operating system. Under the QSAN XEVO analysis system’s support, it can generate one-year performance and capacity analysis for you. This allows IT generalists who have our solution to analyze the storage usage faster and easier than the other competitors.


Brand New Operating Experience

XEVO simplifies itself – freeing you from the complicated process of deploying your storage. Power it on and click your finger just a few times (with our recommend configurations) then you can enjoy the convenience and focus on your business without paying much attention to setting up your storage.

The benefit of XEVO


XEVO’s features set the foundation for the next generation of flash-based storage from enterprise data services for all workloads to proven XEVO’s availability and optimization. The spirit of XEVO’s design is to simplify the operation process so that you have more time to focus on your business and leave the complexity to us.


Imagine that you have to establish a huge amount of storage environments at a time. In the past, we have to operate our storage system several times to meet our goals. With XF2026D, you can save your time at building storage environments by utilizing automatic functions that enable you to deploy multiple volumes in just one step.


Multiple backup solutions give you more choices to protect your data. By auto replication, you can easily deploy the remote replication without doing configurations. Through local-to-remote, you can transfer your local backup to remote sites without redoing the full copy again. This technology gives you multiple ways to protect your digital assets safely.

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