XCubeNXT 8000D Series

Why Unified Storage?

Single Point of Administration
  • Promising performance
  • Time cost reducing
  • Simplify deployment
  • Maximum efficiency
Why XCubeNXT 8000D?

SMB Budget Midrange Value

With all enterprise-grade features and SMB friendly prices, the industry-leading XCubeNXT is the best-unified storage for SMB.

The XCubeNXT is the industry-leading enterprise unified storage that creates value beyond midrange with SMB friendly price.

Business Easy Expansion

XCubeNXT provides ultra-high scalability. Enterprises can make cost-effective planning in the initial stage of expansion. When the demand is getting larger, they can expand the hardware and capacity. And all this does not need to stop any services.

Non-disruptive upgrade

Data service keeps running during software and hardware upgrade
Go with the simplest architecture, in the beginning, expand later when necessary.

High scalability

Support up to 434 bays and 6.1PB, Easy to expand the capacity without stopping service.

Beyond warranty

Get the latest feature without charge. Continuously updated firmware even over the warranty.

Integrate Everything

XCubeNXT is lightly integrated with advanced technology to meet enterprise requirements. Offers the optimal combination of performance and cost consideration

One storage for all platforms

XCubeNXT unified storage support multiple protocols that are suitable for all kinds of applications and accessible by all operating systems.

Full virtualization support

Easy deployment for SMB virtualization infrastructure
Compatible to all virtualization platforms, VMware, Hyper-V, and Citrix certified.

Manage 1000 units one time

Unified central monitoring system and RESTful API, highly integrated all QSAN products. You can manage over 1000 machines with one dashboard.

10 Years of Experience

More than 10 years’ experience in the mid-range storage business. We continue to provide reliable storage solutions and services to customers.

Always on

Active-Active architecture with a fully modular design
No service down when there is a single point of failure

Smart recovery

Smart fail-over design guarantees data integrity during a storage processor or a network path failure, all data still be written to storage without loss.

Zero RPO

XCubeNXT protects cache data during an unexpected power lost
Memory cache protection function seamlessly mirrors cache data to a non-volatile flash device for permanent preservation.


Faster Storage
Easier Configuration

XCubeNXT provides many tools to accelerate application execution efficiency

Intuitive load balancing

Automatically select the right path that fits your current workload.
Always keep the transmission optimized.

Application efficiency

Flexible storage setup based on application properties.
Different application scenario, same performance satisfaction.

Smart SSD cache

comprehensive performance improvements design, one SSD to provide both read and write cache to achieve cost-efficiency without compromising performance.

Simple Deployment Quick Installation

When your XCubeNXT arrives in the computer room, you only need to complete the entire installation process within five minutes. With XInsight, you can easily monitor the entire QSAN product with one system. Allows you to complete the equipment maintenance effortlessly.

Just a few clicks

Easy deployment delivers storage service within 5 mins.

Focus on things that matter

Notification systems help to inform when necessary. XInsight generates a report so you can focus on the important job instead of looking around to collect storage information.

Easy to master

XCubeNXT is designed to release IT maintenance effort, SW/HW upgrade and maintenance can never be this easy.

Enterprise Function

Secured, centralized repository and storage efficiency for business information

Protect against ransomware and cyber attack

Complete support for block and file-level transmission protection and self-encrypting drives (SED), and use WORM and military-grade AES 256 pool encryption technology to protect your data.

Enterprise private cloud

mirror to sync your data among branches office, break geology limitation, and have files accessible just like in the same cloud.

Budget save

Dedup – With deduplication, QSM will auto remove the redundant data object to reduce the usage of storage capacity. Compression -compression helps ITs to reduce the amount of storage you need to purchase and maintain.