XCubeNAS XN3004T


Intel® Celeron® Up to 2.2GHz Quad-Core Processor



Hybrid Storage

Innovative N+1 Drive Tray Design

Effortlessly Installation

Tool-less Drive Tray and Service Door Design

                                                                                                           Easy File Access with Quick Connection

Web Finder

No need to install any applications, you can easily find your XCubeNAS.


XFinder is a desktop utility that searches for QSAN XCubeNAS devices in the local area network.

                                                                                                  The best balance of production and value for professionals


Auto periodically scans and quarantining suspicious files to protect the system.

USB Backup

Backup all the files to either from the USB device.

Time machine

Supports Apple Time Machine. Recover the data from the NAS to your Mac anytime.

Smart Monitor

Efficiently dashboard monitors the resource status.

File Manager

Comprehensive cross-platform file storage and sharing.

IP Connection Filter

The network ban list denies connections from specific IP addresses

                                                                                                                                  Perfect Architecture

  • Boost your performance via SSD cache
  • Hidden Heat Dissipation
  • Smart Fan Control
  • Magnetic Lock Key
  • Simple & Intuitive Use
  • Magnetic Lock Key