The Best Entry-Level Flash Storage

XCubeFAS is the leading entry-level flash storage array developed to allow all enterprises to easily enter the era of flash storage. It offers native NVMe/SAS flash architecture with the exclusive optimization for solid-state drive storage, and delivers the best flash data experience of the next generation.

XCubeFAS Series Models

Native Flash

Born For Flash Storage

  • With the emergence of the IoT, 5G, and big data, the requirements for storage speed are getting higher. XCubeFAS provides industry-leading high performance as the best solution. SAS SSD flash storage meets high-speed access requirements; NVMe SSD flash storage copes with applications that require ultra-low latency such as VDI, enterprise database, ML, HPC.

Modern Simplicity

Future-Proof Efficient Management

  • XEVO is a flash storage management system designed by QSAN. Using XEVO, XCubeFAS can be deployed in five minutes, and provide an intuitive user interface for real-time resource monitoring and management tools. Enterprises can also use RESTful and SNMP provided by XEVO to complete seamless integration with the external central management system.

Ever Running

Business Never Stops

  • Enterprise application services stop causes huge losses to the business. XCubeFAS adopts high availability architecture, redundant and fully modular design to achieve no single point of failure, non-stop hardware replacement, and software upgrades. 99.9999% reliability ensures that enterprise services will not be stopped due to unexpected accidents.

The First and Fastest Flash-Based Storage in Entry Level

  • QSAN is dedicated to providing leading flash technology to enterprises of all sizes. XCubeFAS provides an excellent flash storage experience with industry-leading high IOPs and low latency and satisfies almost the performance-hungry applications. Whether it is SAS flash storage or faster NVMe flash storage, it is easier to plan your budget and enjoy enterprise-level high-performance flash storage.

All-Around for any Critical Workload

  • With guaranteed high IOPs and low latency performance, the XCubeFAS series meet the requirements of mission-critical applications including 5G, AI, virtualization, and IoT.

Better TCO

  • Budget is one of the most important considerations in business. XCubeFAS has industry-leading TCO. Compared with flash storage on the market, XCubeFAS saves more than 50% of the cost of ownership. For the choice of flash storage, QSAN defines five indicators to meet the needs of enterprises to choose the most suitable flash storage, saving the budget without causing any waste.