XCubeFAS – XF2026D

XCubeFAS – XF2026D


Intel® Xeon® Quad-Core Processor


32GB DDR4 ECC DIMM (Max 128GB)

Ultra Performance

1,800K IOPS

Active-Active Architecture

Dual-Active Design

Easy File Access with Quick Connection


XFinder is a desktop utility that searches for QSAN XCubeFAS devices in the local area network.

Liquid Crystal Monitor

Portable USB LCM (LCD Module) can help you identify management port IP address.

The Best Entry-Level All-Flash Array Data Storage


Native All-Flash Array

Ultra-high performance

Amazing stability can provide maximum 1.2 million IOPS under 1ms latency


Unique SSD Algorithm


Distinct SSD Monitoring, 100% Accuracy of SSD Utilization Ratio

99.9999% availability

High Availability, No Single Point-of-Failure


Most Affordable All-Flash Array

SFF 2U26 Design

Built for All-Flash Storage

QSAN XF2026D model (2.5” 2U 26-bay) is the industry’s first high-density all flash/low power SAN storage. It has accelerated performance, consolidated space, and two more storage bays (up to 8% more capacity) than the popular 2U 24-bay

products available on the market. This can further lower the cost per TB, minimize IT rack space, and generate a smaller and greener footprint.


      Dual-Active Design

The XCubeFAS series features a Dual-Active controller architecture. Both controllers concurrently provide storage services in real time. Active-Active architecture doubles the available host bandwidth and cache-hit ratio which ensures there is no wasted resource in the system.

Fastest 12Gb SAS 3.0

Latest 12Gb SAS 3.0 Controller

12Gb SAS 3.0 is the latest and fastest drive interface available. It doubles the data transfer rate of SAS 2.0 (6Gb), while remaining backward compatible with 6Gb SAS 2.0 drives. The benefit is that you have the flexibility to purchase less expensive 6Gb SAS drives for initial installation or leverage investment of your existing 6Gb SAS drives and have a peace of mind knowing you can migrate to 12Gb SAS 3.0 by purchasing only new drives.

Find the Real Entry-Level All-Flash Array



More than 300K IOPs in 4K random write under 0.5ms latency


Fibre Channel and iSCSI host interface support


Active-Active Dual-Controller architecture


MSRP sub. $20K with 10TB capacity at minimum


Meet the high-performance of databases, virtualization, media editing, AI and IOT industries