High Speed Connectivity for Storage

Higher bandwidth and better performance.

It’s time to Embrace the power of High-Speed Connectivity!

As technology evolves, network speed is getting faster. Applications are becoming more sophisticated and require intensive data processing power. A company needs an effective and high-speed IT infrastructure so mission-critical information can be handled without delay. Therefore the storage requires faster front-end network connectivity to process a large amount of data.


Efficient Backup

Your business data are increasing with an unprecedented rate of growth, the time you spend on backing up increases as well. Disaster could happen during the backup time. You need higher bandwidth to finish a backup within a shorter period of time. so your data will not be in risk.

4K 8K Surveillance

In a video surveillance system, two factors determine the storage you need: the quality of the image received, and the number of camera and recording devices. With 4K/8K video and a large number of surveillance devices, there are a great amount of data flow into storage. Higher speed network provides enough bandwidth to make sure all images are recorded.

Media Editing in M&E Industry

Near-line image editing or offline image editing require high-performance network environments and storage solutions. You need super-fast network bandwidth to meet 4k, 8k and higher resolution production requirement.

High-Speed Virtualization

The virtual architecture generates a large amount of IO that makes the storage indigestible and dragging down the host server. With more virtual desktops, storage requires higher network throughput to deliver the best user experience for all VDI users.

Reducing the Deployment Complexity

25GbE and 32G Fibre Channel cards support much higher bandwidth compared to 10GbE Ethernet and 16Gb Fibre channel card. A system requiring 80Gb throughput will need twice as many wires if only 10GbE/16Gb cards available. Using 25GbE and 32Gb Fibre channel cards, the network infrastructure is neat and easy to maintain. Moreover, the company is now able to provide higher bandwidth service with the presence of high-speed cards, no necessary to buy more storages just to fulfil the high bandwidth requirement.

Transmit Much More Data

Using 25GbE or 32G FC card to connect to the storage, users can transmit much more data in one physical line, and even more with port trunking!

  • Allows to run more virtual machines
  • Accommodate large scale surveillance
  • Backup at lighting speed
  • Multiple media editing and video on demand(VOD)
  • Massive data flow in 5G network

Here are the products that support this development


Dual-Port 25GbE iSCSI Host Card

  • Dual-port 1/10/25GbE Ethernet Host card
  • 25Gb SFP28 Optical Transceiver
  • PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 3.0 x 8
  • SCSI-3 PR (Persistent Reservation for I/O fencing)support
  • iSNS support
  • Virtual LAN (VLAN) support
  • Jumbo frame (9,000 bytes) support

Intel® Ethernet Controller Inside

QSAN 25G Ethernet solution is powered by Intel® Ethernet Controller, dual-port 1/10/25 Gigabit Ethernet controller, with Intel® Virtualization Technology for Cloud and Enterprise data centres.

The Intel® Ethernet 700 Series is the foundation for server connectivity, providing broad interoperability, critical performance optimizations, and increased agility for Communications, Cloud, and Enterprise IT network solutions.


Dual-Port 32Gb Fibre Channel Host Card

  • Dual-port 32G FC Host Card
  • 32Gb SFP28 Optical Transceiver
  • PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 3.0 x 8
  • Compliance:
  • SCSI-3 Fibre Channel Protocol (SCSI-FCP)
  • Fibre Channel Tape (FC-TAPE) Profile
  • SCSI Fibre Channel Protocol-2 (FCP-2)
  • 2nd&3rd Generation FC Generic Services (FC-GS-2/FC-GS-3)
  • Fibre Channel Physical Interface-5&6 (FC-PI-5/FC-PI-6)

Marvel QLogic Fibre Channel Controllers

QSAN 32G Fibre Channel solution adopts Marvell QLogic technology, Marvell QLogic 2700 series are enhanced 32G FC and 32G FC controllers providing industry-leading native FC performance with low CPU usage and full hardware offloads.

The 2700 Series provides the industry’s top Fibre Channel performance, optimizing storage access for hyper-scale virtualization, solid-state storage technologies, and new data centre architecture.

Large Scale Surveillance

The performance requirements of thousands of cameras will not cause any hindrance to the structure of such products; The 25GbE and 32G FC host cards can improve the overall performance to more than 10,000MB / s.