IT Support & IT Solutions in Dubai

Why opt for IT Support:

We’re among Dubai’s premier full-service IT support companies, with a presence that spans more than a decade. We act as the doctor to all your IT ailments that arise due to a variety of predictable or unpredictable factors.

By signing up for an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with a leading IT support provider in Dubai, you have access to an experienced team of highly skilled and trained IT consultants and helpdesk supporters whenever you need them.

Having IT support in Dubai is like getting 24/7 service insurance on your IT assets. Our partnership with trusted IT brands from all over the world enables us to provide unparalleled IT solutions to your staff and infrastructure.

IT Support in Dubai

Why choose Point Solutions as your IT Support provider in Dubai?

Our IT Support services include desktop, laptop, server, networking, structuring cables, security, data, communication, cloud computing, complete new office setup and much more;

We have over 30 years of industry experience in providing on-site and remote support for all types of IT issues and queries;

Our consultants are easy to deal with and adopt a simplified approach to explain complex terms in simple language;

Robust and reliable network security in conjunction with reputed partners to provide the highest level of privacy and avoid major security threats;

An agreed and fixed rate to ensure optimum allocation of your financial resources. Our transactions are transparent to ensure that you’re not surprised by invoices you have no clue about.

IT Solutions in Dubai

How do we provide IT Support?

Our advanced tech-center in Dubai monitors your IT assets 24×7 to ensure seamless functioning of your organization with minimal disruption of IT services.

You can sign up with us in 2 ways: Ad hoc or AMC.

With ad hoc support, we resolve the issue as soon as you contact us.

The AMC model puts us in charge of ensuring the complete functioning of your network and machines. This type of model gives you better support as we’re continuously monitoring your systems for any issues that may arise and solve it before it jeopardizes your operations.


IT Support & IT Solutions