Data Storage Solutions Dubai

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Why do companies in Dubai & across the UAE trust us for Data Storage solutions?

In today’s times, data is the driving force for businesses and corporations.

With an increasing demand for content by consumers, there’s a new challenge of creating, relaying and storing vast amounts of data, that’s both – flexible and long lasting.

Data is the building block of every growing organization. To ensure ample space for organizational growth, you should opt for data storage solutions that provide room for diversity, agility, and flexibility of IT infrastructure.

Decisions related to data storage are as important as any other decision for the business, and therefore choosing the right data storage services provider becomes crucial.

With a client base across the UAE and more than 16 years of presence in Dubai, data storage solutions are one of our core IT capabilities.


Data Storage Services Dubai

Point Solutions is your reliable data storage partner that has been successfully storing and protecting data for small & medium sized businesses while valuing their trust.

With a dynamic team of data storage experts and engineers with an industry experience of over 30 years, your organization’s information is in our safe hands.

advantages of choosing us

16+ years of presence in Dubai with clients across the UAE

30+ years of industry knowledge & experience

Flexible & reliable data storage services