SD-WAN Solution for Resilient IT Infrastructure

QNAP’s QuWAN SD-WAN solution features Auto Mesh VPN, IPsec encryption, and cloud-centric management. Compatible with a wide range of QNAP products, QuWAN enables SMBs to efficiently build a dependable network at a cost-effective price and to facilitate digital transformation, multi-site expansion, and remote working.

In the remote work and multi-site business era, automatically mesh multi-site VPN with SD-WAN

When a business expands into remote working and multi-site operations, they face the challenge of VPN deployment efficiency and connection speed. Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology effectively solves these issues – without requiring expensive enterprise-grade VPN equipment. QNAP’s SD-WAN technology automatically deploys connected WAN services and VPN sites through software-defined networking to achieve optimum network bandwidth and transmission speeds. Not only does SD-WAN improve IT deployment and management efficiency for multi-site expansion, but it also provides a reliable infrastructure to enable digital transformation and remote working.

Traditional VPN Infrastructure

With rapidly-growing demands for multi-site VPN, severe bandwidth bottlenecks are caused by the traditional headquarters-centered network infrastructure. Yet SMBs cannot afford enterprise-grade VPN equipment for multi-site VPN deployment.

QuWAN SD-WAN Infrastructure

QNAP SD-WAN technology, QuWAN, provides a full mesh VPN topology that works well in complicated networks where all peers need to communicate with each other, achieving cost-effective and resilient IT deployment.

Build a resilient IT infrastructure for all usage scenarios

QuWAN consists of a cloud-based management platform (QuWAN Orchestrator) and a VM App for edge devices (QuWAN Agent). Adopting Auto Mesh VPN, WAN optimization technology, and IPsec encryption, QuWAN is built into the QHora router series and supports installation in QNAP NAS, QGD switches, and QuCPE servers*. When co-working with the QVPN App, remote workers can be easily connected to SSL VPN via their computer or mobile device. Whether scaling up to accommodate worldwide offices or simply too different departments in the same building, devices in different locations are flexibly segmented to be connected with each other in a micro-segmented network. Featuring a centralized management cloud platform, businesses can invest in a budget-friendly, secure, and resilient network to facilitate digital transformation, multi-site expansion, and remote working.

QuWAN Micro-segmentation Infrastructure

QuWAN Orchestrator
Manage the network using a centralized management cloud platform.

QuCPE Server
The high-performance core VPN Server at the HQ.

Add branch offices to the VPN Infrastructure with your existing NAS.

QGD Switch
Fulfill surveillance and VoIP applications at small business sites (such as stores).

QHora Router
Provides easy-to-use VPN functions for remote workers.

Mobile users can connect to SSL VPN using their PCs, laptops, or mobile phones.   

QuWAN Solution: Highly Efficient, Economic and Secure

QuWAN helps lower IT equipment costs, IT manpower requirements, and saves time with six major advantages:

Auto Mesh VPN

Automatically establishes a mesh VPN and removes the need for manual static VPN settings. IPSec AES 256 encryption is also supported to ensure secure multi-site network deployment.

WAN Optimization

Adopts load balancing technologies for WAN Aggregation and QoS for combining bandwidth with different ISPs, prioritizing bandwidth utilization, and network acceleration. QuWAN also provides failover by integrating Hybrid Multi WANs to ensure continuous connection quality.

Cloud Management

The QuWAN Orchestrator provides powerful and convenient central network management that enables headquarters-based staff to remotely manage edge network devices, thus achieving ZTP. It also offers bandwidth monitoring and parameter settings. It is suited for multi-site, multinational WAN management, and maintenance.

Cost Optimization

Optimizes fiber/network transmission to lower the cost of VPN equipment and bandwidth expenses. QuWAN’s compatibility with QNAP solutions enables SMBs to build a resilient IT infrastructure at an affordable price.

Network Security

Adopts Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) to analyze L7-Payloads for content information from websites and devices. You can blacklist specific applications by firewall functions to secure the enterprise network.


Provides user-friendly functionality, including a dashboard, eMap, and traffic analysis to make network deployment easier and more intuitive.

Auto Mesh VPN

In contrast to normal site-to-site VPN, QuWAN establishes an Auto Mesh VPN to free you from tedious manual static VPN route configuration. IPSec AES 256 encryption is also supported to deploy a secure multi-site network.

Intelligent WAN Optimization

QuWAN adopts load balancing technologies (including WAN Aggregation and QoS) to combine the bandwidth of different ISPs and to prioritize bandwidth utilization for high-priority tasks through auto-detection of end-user applications. QuWAN also supports failover mechanisms through integrated Hybrid Multi WANs (such as ADSL of different ISPs) which automatically connects to other available services if there is a service disconnection.

Powerful centralized QuWAN Orchestrator

QuWAN Orchestrator is a powerful and convenient centralized network management cloud platform, enabling IT staff to remotely deploy and manage edge network devices. Its Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) allows IT, staff, to easily build a large-scale WAN remotely and without the assistance of personnel at each location. IT staff can also monitor bandwidth, set parameters, and analyze network traffic on a single platform – perfect for multi-site, multinational network management, and maintenance. QuWAN also provides an at-a-glance Dashboard, user-friendly network topology GUI, eMap, and traffic analysis report to simplify network deployment.

Secure Network Experience

QuWAN adopts Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) which analyses the L7-Payload to extract content information from the packets of websites and devices – assisting in identifying malicious content. You can prioritize bandwidth utilization for business-critical applications and blacklist applications to secure and optimize your enterprise network.

Deploy a global QuWAN network topology

QuWAN allows for the easy and flexible deployment of a global network topology for enhanced multi-national working experience. You can create multiple regions inside the global domain, and the configured regional hubs will automatically form a Mesh VPN via Public IPs. Only the China domain with Internet restrictions needs to be connected to the global domain through an Inter-regional link.