Large Scale Surveillance

Build Large Scale Surveillance!

Surveillance cameras have become one of the indispensable conditions in today’s society. The vast amount of data generated through video surveillance has spiked in the past few years. In order to be able to collect richer data, high-definition cameras bring higher bandwidth requirements and an increase in writing speed and storage capacity.

The Keys to Large Scale Surveillance

Security Efficiency

Access controls and alarms have much in common and work with an integrated system to keep intruders out of secure areas, limit access to security-sensitive areas, and remotely monitor critical areas to reduce the risk of crime and security incidents.

Properly Located

Properly located surveillance cameras can extend the range of the security staff and provide valuable incident information. The proper location can have a significant deterrent effect on property crime. The use of recorded video images has resulted in countless arrests when shared with LEA or media outlets.

Quality of Image

The most crucial consideration in a video surveillance system is the quality of the image received, and this is mainly dependent on the camera and recording equipment used.

Playback Length

The recording is retained in a 10-day library as a minimum. It is not uncommon to maintain recorded images for 30 days. The longer you keep, the more information you will be able to retrieve for investigation in the future.

Define the Scale of Surveillance

The main factors to decide the scale are the quantity of the cameras and the recording days of the surveillance area, Usually, the industry which requires higher security will need to keep the recorded videos/streams longer, so that users/IT managers shall be able to playback those videos once there is any terrible incident occurring.

Different Scale Different Deployment

Private Area Scale

XCubeNAS Rackmount series, if it is necessary to keep more days for the recorded videos, it is feasible to add an expansion unit dynamically, for capacity expansion purposes. And usually, the performance requirement of this scale is not high.

Floor Scale

XCubeNAS Rackmount Series + host cards with higher throughput, and high-density expansion enclosures. By adding additional host cards, performance requirements can be met. Based on the architecture of this scale, adding 10GbE host cards can fully achieve the required throughput.

It can also be used simply with the ALB (Adaptive Load Balancing) link aggregation method. And high-density expansion cabinets help extend the recording time of surveillance videos.

Building Scale

XCubeSAN iSCSI series, the performance of this series model is not a problem, and it can meet the requirements of this environment.

XCubeSAN series products have two onboard 10GbE network ports by default, users can use these two 10GbE network ports, combined with the high-speed performance of XCubeSAN block storage, quickly and smoothly digest a large number of video recording requirements.

Z0ne Scale

XCubeSAN FC + iSCSI series, if the environment has the existing FC settings, it can be used in combination with the NVR server. The performance requirements of thousands of cameras will not cause any hindrance to the structure of such products.

The 10GbE or FC 16G host card, and the 25GbE and 32G FC host cards to be supported next, can improve the overall performance to more than 10,000MB / s.

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