High Efficiency Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Experience the Smooth Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI) in the Cloud. Deploy VMWare Hyper-V, and Citrix VDI with Efficient and Affordable QSAN Storage.

The Rapid Growth of Remote Work Trend

In the past ten years, the number of employees who work remotely has growth regularly. Enterprises are facing more and more challenges from this trend.

Growth over the last 5 years – 44%

Growth over the last 10 years – 91%

Growth over the last 12 years – 155%

Challenge of Remote Work Technology

In the past, you can use VPN, remote desktop, or virtual machines on physical servers to complete multi-person remote tasks. However, as the use of remote work has grown, these technologies have gradually been unable to meet the needs of enterprises in terms of information security and work efficiency.

Hardware and Network Bottleneck

Use VPN for remote work, all tasks are performed on the client-side, the client hardware and network bandwidth greatly affect work efficiency.

Huge Cost of Hardware and Software

In order to meet a large number of work connections, an individual must invest a lot to deploy high-performance servers and high-speed networks.

The Difficulty of Mass Deployment

It usually takes days or weeks for mass deployment. If the demand for remote work increases rapidly, time pressure is a big challenge for IT.

Security and Backup Management Is not Easy

Remote work increases the cyber-attack possibility. And Data is kept on every PC and servers, it is difficult to have a backup plan to cover all important information.

Modern Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in IT Architecture

With the growth of virtualization technology, more and more enterprises adopt Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI) to allow users to access applications and data from anywhere.

Break Through Hardware and Network Bottleneck

All operations are connected to the VDI Server for processing and are not restricted by the client hardware. The data is transmitted on the company’s internal network and does not require a large amount of external network bandwidth.

Reduce the Cost of Hardware and Software

VDI uses a small number of servers and high-speed storage, which is ideal for mass deployment of remote work.

Easily Mass Deployment

IT just needs to create a few OS images and have these images cloned when there is a new virtual desktop requirement.

Easier Security and Backup Management

Once the jobs have been completed the risk of being hacked is considerably hacked. The data is then saved in specific storages, which helps make the backup process easier.

Choose the Right Storage Solution for VDI

You need a high-performance storage system for a smooth VDI experience and better ROI.

  • VDI must be very stable, so that daily work is not interrupted
  • Allocates applications to different tiers based on the performance requirement
  • Satisfy key application operation and multiple VDI connections
  • Run more virtual desktops under the same budget
  • The VDI backup architecture must be easy to deploy and expand
  • Provide a simple and effective management interface and reduce IT management costs

Know the Performance Limit of Your VDI Storage Device

When the number of login VDI uses reaches to the lag threshold, the storage response time increases rapidly. And every online VDI users will face the same lagging issue. The High-performance storage can then accommodate more users, and never reach the lag threshold in your working environment.

Better ROI Using VDI with High-Performance Storage

To deploy a working environment for more than 200 users. Now you can use VDI with the power of hybrid and all-flash storage to save your budget.

Understand the True Cost of Storage Downtime

Not only will you need to recover all the lost data, but data unavailability also costs you much more than you imagine:

Hidden Cost Hurts You the Most!

Storage with high availability design greatly reduces the possibility of storage downtime and helps to save the potential cost. The company also loses faith from your customer costs much more than IT recovery costs.

Now Let QSAN Storage Protect Your Business

QSAN Storage comes with reliable and high-performance enterprise features. Help you to establish a trusty virtual desktop Infrastructure.

Better ROI

Excellent IOPs and low Latency, provides a better lag threshold, with the same amount of VDI users, you spend less in Storage!

No Downtime

Modular design for easy hardware replacement. Active-Active controllers design provides 99.9999% availability.

Smart Architecture

Support auto-tiering & SSDCache, allow flexible resource management without straining your budget


The expansion unit offers PB-level storage capacity capability. No complex setup, no service downtime.

Comprehensive Solution for VMWare, Citrix, and Hyper-V

QSAN provides solutions that optimize existing virtualization resources within your organization. Management can be finished in just a few minutes, which saves IT staff a considerable time cost.