GM-1000 Gemini Series

Intel® Xeon® E dual NAS with doubled performance: ZFS-based QuTS hero provides outstanding backup and hybrid cloud solutions

  • The GM-1000 series features a unique dual-NAS architecture that delivers cost-efficient and space-saving advantages. It contains two replaceable TNS-h1083X NAS nodes, which are powered by Intel® Xeon® E processors and provide high-performance 10GbE / 2.5GbE connectivity and expandable I/O. M.2 and U.2 SSD interfaces are also included to enable cache acceleration for tackling the performance wall in bandwidth-demanding and low-latency business applications (such as intensive backup and virtualization).
  • Both TNS-h1083X NAS nodes use the ZFS-based QuTS hero operating system that supports block-level inline data deduplication and compression, near-limitless snapshots, real-time SnapSync, and more business-oriented features to achieve reliable service-level agreement performance.


  • Economic and space-saving chassis design for dual NAS nodes and doubled performance.
  • Built-in 10GbE and 2.5GbE ports, PCIe slots, and M.2 SSD slots (NVMe Gen 3 x2) and U.2 SSD slots (NVMe Gen 3 x4 / SATA 6Gb/s) to increase performance potential.
  • The QuTS hero operating system combines ZFS advantages with the QTS App Center ecosystem to empower your business.

Highly-flexible enclosure-based system with two replaceable NAS nodes

  • The GM-1000 consists of an enclosure with two independent NAS nodes. This layout provides greater flexibility in maintaining and upgrading NAS nodes to meet future performance needs for backup applications and other business tasks, and saves costs on the system enclosure.

2-in-1 storage system with optimal performance and efficiency

  • The GM-1000 features outstanding hardware with an expandable architecture, enabling optimal performance and flexibility to meet diverse business requirements.

DDR4 ECC memory

– Supports four DDR4 dual-channel Long-DIMM memory modules for a maximum of 128 GB RAM.

770W Redundant power supply unit

      – Redundant 770W power supplies are shared by two NAS nodes and ensure continuous system uptime.

Smart cooling

  – Three 60mm system fans have their speeds automatically adjusted based on system temperatures.

Intel® Xeon® E processor

– Three 60mm system fans have their speeds automatically adjusted based on system temperatures.

2x M.2 SSDs

      • Supports NVMe Gen 3 x2 M.2 SSD with the 2280 form factor for enabling cache acceleration.

2x PCIe expansion slots

– Includes one PCIe Gen 3 x8 (CPU) slot and one PCIe Gen 3 x4 (PCH) slot. Support 10GbE/25GbE/40GbE adapters, QM2 cards, QXP or SAS

  expansion cards.

2x U.2 SSD slots

– Support NVMe Gen 3 x4 or SATA 6Gb/s for fast data access, cache acceleration, or system drive configuration. Users can install QNAP QDA

  UMP or QDA-U2MP adapters to use M.2 SSDs in a U.2 SSD drive bay to maximize PCIe bandwidth utilization in a cost-effective way.

2x 2.5GbE LAN ports

– Supports Port Trunking and failover.

4x USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports (Type-A)

  – Delivers transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps. Backwards compatible with USB 3.2 Gen 1 and USB 2.0 devices.

2x 10GbE SFP+ ports

    – Ideal for bandwidth-demanding applications such as virtualization and fast backup/restoration.

Ideal for cross backup and hybrid cloud applications

The GM-1000 hosts NAS nodes that feature the ZFS-based QuTS hero operating system. QuTS hero provides flexible storage management, comprehensive data protection, and optimized performance to tackle the complexity and performance demands of modern IT.

  • Supports inline data deduplication, compression, and compaction for highly-efficient backup storage. Both NAS nodes can be used for cross backup.
  • Double your NAS performance. Each NAS node can mount different cloud storage to offload cloud gateway services.
  • Hosts virtual machines to run diverse virtualized server applications.
  • Delivers high-performance, reliable, and cost-effective storage for virtualization.
  • Supports Fibre Channel SAN for high-performance data storage and backup.