All-in-one Business Backup & Recovery Solution

Disaster recovery must be quick, easy and effective. With our storage solutions’s intuitive Web GUI, affected business systems can be quickly recovered to their most recent normal status.

Speed is your concern, and our mission

Supercharged hardware

Our Storage Solutions has a full suite of products to enable high-speed backup, including NAS, switches and network cards (from 2.5GbE to 100GbE). Decrease your backup time, and add resiliency to your business, services and production.

Cutting-edge backup technologies

Enjoy faster backup and recovery with innovative technologies that optimize backup efficiency, such as QuDedup, our data deduplication technology.

Optimized for clouds

Back up NAS data to the Cloud

Agility is the key to hybrid cloud architecture, and it is just a few clicks away. Our storage solutions is the perfect partner for our backup solutions, allowing you to easily perform backup/recovery jobs. Each Account is entitled to 16 GB free storage.

Prioritized data safety


Your data is kept safe with industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption. Our Storage Solutions supports both client and server-side encryption to effectively prevent unauthorized access.


Add an extra layer of protection against ransomware and malware by taking multiple versions of Snapshots.

One view, all backup jobs

Enough detail, but never complicated. Flexibly manage and automate your backup jobs and quickly review issues as they occur. With our storage solutions, your companies IT staff enjoy’s a smoother daily routine, with decreased workloads and worries.